Professional stunt woman living out my dream of being a superhero.

     I have spent the last eleven years working as a stunt woman. Recently I have gotten some face time which I have strived to use for breaking gender stereotypes, and becoming a positive female role model. Being feminine shouldn’t mean you can’t be athletic, strong and confident. Healthy is attractive!

     As a child I wanted to run away to the circus, but having limited means at age five I settled with circus gymnastics classes my mom signed me up for instead. At nine we moved to the woods of Pennsylvania and no longer having access to circus gymnastics I demanded my mom spot me while I attempted to teach myself back handsprings (despite her insistence that this was a bad idea). After learning my mom didn’t know how to spot (like she told me) and it was my hands not my head that should have touched the ground first my mom found a gymnastics gym an hour away that she took me to four days a week while working three jobs. Thanks to my mom’s support toward my passions I secured a NCAA track and field scholarship and graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in theater. The day of my last final I headed to LA.

     Everyone asks how to get into stunts, I can tell you what I did! Find where the top people train and learn from them, go hustle sets get to know the coordinators and above all else be humble and never take a job outside your ability. As a part of a stunt team you are responsible for not only yourself, but the safety of your comrades. It took me a lifetime as an elite athlete to just get the basic tools I needed, years of training specific skills to get where I am and I still have so much to learn it is staggering, but it is also exciting and fun because it is my passion.